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Sunday, November 16, 2014

NOTICE to EVERYONE who did not get the NEWS.

In case you were aware that I was running a One Man - Zero Dollar campaign for President of a major country, well that campaign is now cancelled.

Unable to get help from the Tea or GOP parties, I became exhausted, frustrated and burned-out.  However, I would have kept going except for the fact that I pushed my zero budget as far as it would go.  You have to register with the F.E.C. and get on the ballot in 50 States before you can solicit political campaign funds.  But getting on the ballot nationwide requires help, and that requires money.  So, it's the old line that "It takes money to make money".

Yes I gained a lot of friends and followers, and there are at least 500,000 people worldwide who now know I exist.  But that number must be multiplied by 100 times in order to have a chance at the White House.

So, I now put my name behind a younger, fitter man who I think would make a fine President and has no connections to the D.C. corruption.  That man is Michael Kinlaw or @Kinlaw2016 on Twitter.

What will I miss the most?  Well, I think that I had the prettiest Seal of all the campaigners.

God Bless and Bye...