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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beginning of Unfinished Book


GOD spelled backward is DOG,

but He is still MAN's BEST FRIEND.

R. D. Burlison II

The author of this book was / is tentatively attempting to gain enough Name Recognition to
run for the Oval Office in 2016. His background is technical, not legal or political. He would be the darkest “dark horse” candidate ever and a long shot for sure.
Not knowing the hazy future of 2016, this work addresses the issues apparent in 2012. Hopefully the President Elect will consider and act on some of the advice herein.
Basically this book is a list of problems and their solutions. Some rhetoric and philosophy as to why some things should be done is included. There will be more detail than a “sound bite”, but not so much as to be verbose.

This work, were he a candidate in 2012, is the author's PLATFORM.

Abortion...BOTH the Pro-Life and the Pro-Choice advocates have valid arguments. Let us try to replace the word “argument” with “compromise”.

Both pro-life and pro-choice have one thing in common, Doctors. Think what the issue would be if there were no doctors. Pro-lifers think of all the miscarriages, premature baby deaths and caesarian deaths or deaths for the lack of prenatal care.

Pro-Choice people know that without doctors they are stuck with the child if they become pregnant. It would not matter if the child had a ghastly defect. They would not even know until the birth.

To be fair, if we were to outlaw all abortions, then we should ban the use of incubators and medical techniques which prevent natural miscarriages. Let nature take it's course except for if the mother's life is in danger...Pro-Mother.

I admit that I must do research before establishing legal guidelines. It has been too long a time to recall the name of this type of abortion; Live _____ I think. Anyway, I saw a picture of the infant body parts and was grossed-out. Whether the infant was taken at a premature time or at birth, the body parts looked like they came from a viable infant. I would outlaw abortion at this stage and by that method. Only if a ghastly defect is discovered in this late stage could they abort, and not by cutting up but perhaps by injecting an overdose of sedative. Euthanasia after live birth would be allowed if judge and a team of appropriate doctors deemed a defect unrepairable to a state where the infant could have a good quality of life.

The Pro-Choice people would have their choice, but they had best make it before sex, or while the embryo can be induced to miscarry with the “abortion pill” or at the latest before the fetus could survive in an incubator.

I believe that God provided Divine Inspiration for the Birth Control Pill. It came about just when America was beginning to feel the population balloon, and when something few thought of made a change. High school was no longer the key to a middle class career. Therefore, marriage was put off long after puberty. Also, women were beginning to have careers and the time of the “housewife” and mother was over. God intended the Pill for these logistical reasons and NOT as a free ticket for promiscuity. Yet He knew that there would be a lot of hanky-panky what with penicillin curing early STD s, sexuality in mass media and the general freedom of travel afforded by modern technology.


Use of Force, Surgical Actions, War:
Dateline March 18, 2012...our troops are out of Iraq,

but still in Afghanistan. Due to the massacre of civilians by a lone U.S. Soldier, the President of Afghanistan is calling for troop withdraw from the villages back to main bases.

I have considered a two step process to exit Afghanistan with a win. If I had the intelligence I could determine if step one were possible without co-lateral death and injury. Of course I cannot say what these steps are lest it be known to the Taliban.

Once out of Afghanistan, we are at this time on the moral high ground to subdue Iran. Again I cannot detail my intentions, but they are to occupy and force war reparations for the Iraqi War plus to have Iran pay for it's own occupation.

Not all Iranians are bad. In college I met an Iranian friend who was telling me about the Shaw's Secret Police thugs. One day he came into drafting class with his face all bandaged. He would not talk to me any more or tell me who had beat him or tortured him. This happened right here in Midwest U.S.A.. The other Iranian was my doctor who sent me for my successful cancer cure.

There is a way to separate the crazy, hateful, violence prone segment of the population from those just wishing to live peaceful lives. Yes there likely will be some civilian casualties, but hopefully no co-lateral injury to innocent civilians.
The Price at the Pump: One of our OPEC friends was talking lately of lowering the price to $60 per barrel, and it seems if one did it, all three would follow suit, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The key or incentive for them to do so is our getting Iranian oil for $50 to $60 per barrel. I would rather not have told this part of the plan, but obviously if Iran is to pay, it is with oil money, oil itself or cheaper oil. The easiest means is to buy oil cheaper and distribute the money to the people such that we have some control over what goes to the Iranian government, the nuclear research (Ha!), Iranian military paychecks and civilian allotments.

Jobs for Returning Troops and the G.I. Bill, an Option is needed. When I enlisted in the U.S.A.F. During the Vietnam era, the rule of thumb was you had to be in college or a graduate or enlisted in another Branch or the Army would draft you with a 99% chance of going to Vietnam. Some were not in college for lack of money, one like me had his prerequisites jumbled-up and dropped like a rock from high grades to failing, and finally there were those who were just not college material. I recently communicated with a Special Forces sergeant. He is a nice guy and intelligent. He must be since he is one of 6 men left out of 200. However, from his writing which had to be read several times to get the meaning (“are men” instead of “our men”), he would have a hard time in college on the Bill.

The option that is needed is instead of a conventional 4 year degree, the Veteran could choose a 1 or 2 year vocational training along with a course in small business management. The change left over in his G.I. Bill educational benefits would be given as a down payment to start the Veteran in his own business. (He would still be eligible for a small business loan). As a chef, he might open a restaurant. On the other hand several Veterans might get together and open a new car dealership.

These small and medium businesses are the ones that create new jobs both for returning Troops and for the rest of us.

The Veteran has learned leadership and deserves his chance to become a real American Capitalist businessman. He would be better off than the college graduate flipping burgers or the Vets I saw in line for jobs a few days ago. Business is an investment and a risk, but so is a college degree. I think that maybe our country is overstocked with college degrees.

Reduction In Force, RIF: Iraq and Afghanistan saw the call-up of the Military Reservists. They were career reservists or just in for one hitch to earn money for college, but they were surprised by more active duty and recalls than they expected. Now as with the end of all wars they are not needed. Yet they have fulfilled much of a full length 20 year career.

I believe that one hitch in the service is just what you owe to your country for your American birthright. The G.I. Veteran benefits are adequate repayment. However, anything over one hitch is career service. I know a man who advanced from E-1 Seaman to O-3 Officer, but he only stayed in the Navy for about 10 years and thus got no retirement benefits.

Now whether a soldier has served 5 years or 18 years (just shy of retirement) he or she should get a prorated retirement beginning at the date they would have reached retirement or age 40, whichever comes first. We maybe cannot afford to make this retroactive to the sailor I mentioned, but we can add it onto his Social Security check at age 65.

It does not matter if the soldier was discharged due to a RIF or just decided not to re-enlist. The service time was the same in either case.
Creating more jobs by creating more demand for American products. The trickle down and back up policy. This can apply to much of the lesser developed countries, but I will limit it to Latin America, countries of the NAFTA and Russia.

Here is where the big corporations and the top 1% that the 99% are complaining about earn their keep; test their metal.

Please allow me to stray before I explain the economic growth theory.

My Russian friend Olga has a student who wrote this essay for her English exam.


“Our Planet`s Future As I See It

To begin with, I`d like to say a few words about myself. I am thirteen. I have brown eyes and long hair. I am diligent, purposeful, and curious. I would like to be braver, better, and quieter.

I am from the north of the Caucasus. My Motherland is the Chechen Republic. I am a Kumyk. It is a small nation in the Caucasus. My religion is Islam. I have a sister and a brother. My family is large, and we are very friendly. The motto I like best is "If I know too little, I`ll strive for learning more".

It seems to me that scientific and technological revolution will develop faster on our planet. Wars between the countries will stop, and peace between different nations will come to the world.

If people change in character, they will not quarrel. They will take true care of one another and treat other people with respect. I hope human beings will give up bad habits, and they will realize that smoking tabacco, drinking alcohol, and using drugs are bad for their health. I believe that cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs won`t be sold on our planet in ten years.

Our planet will become cleaner if people protect the invironment. People should participate in clearing up cities. I dream of pavements and paths for people becoming wider. Parks will be built instead of factories, and a lot of new forests will be planted. The air on our planet will become cleaner and fresher.

There will be many safari parks on the Earth. People will treat animals with care. There will be agreement and balance between people and animals. I hope that poachers won`t kill endangeredand dissppearing animals. Many species are included into the Red Book of the planet now. I feel sorry for the animals which are extinct in the nature. Animals are our "lesser brothers". People should defend animals because on the Earth there are very few rare species of animals left. If we want to have the Future, we should take care of our Present! And we should always keep it in our minds: the wildlife treats us the way we treat it.

This is what I dream of, and I want to help the planet I live on.”

Name of author unknown at this time.

Now for the job creation theory. To simplify we will just consider our near neighbor Mexico. First we need to discover how many jobs we need to create in Mexico for Mexicans to stop the illegal alien flow into the United States. They need to be good jobs to lessen the temptation towards drug smuggling. They need to earn at least almost as much after expenses at home in Mexico as they can in the States.

Let's use an automobile manufacturer, Hudson Motor Company. Built in the United States the Gran Hudson lists for $32,000. The average pay at Hudson is $20 per hour. In Mexico, employs could be trained up to equal skill levels and work for an average of $5 per hour. However, Hudson would not pay just what is asked, but rather double it to $10 per hour. This is key to selling more goods to the Mexicans.

Now, the Mexicans can make parts or assemble whole cars or both. Let's say that ¼ of all Gran Hudsons are totally built in Mexico with Quality Control so that you cannot tell a Mexican car from a US built car. The Mexican Gran Hudson would list for $16,000 but it would not be sold for that. Mixing the US and Mexican cars together Hudson Motor Company would list them all at the average price of $28,000 or $4,000 less than the original $32,000 and an edge against the Japanese cars. Let's guess sales increase 33%. 33% - 25% = 8% net gain in jobs at Hudson in the USA.

We are not finished. The Mexican workers are paid well and can afford homes, domestic help, and their own cars. This creates more jobs for Mexico without taking one job from an American. In fact some American might get the job abandoned by an illegal alien if he wants the job. Let's say that just $1.00 of the Mexican's hourly wage comes back directly to buy US goods. That is a few more American jobs created.

The average Mexican is shorter than the average American, thus he can fit well into a car with 5% smaller interior dimensions. Thus the car can be smaller for less wind resistance and in-turn lighter for a compound gain in fuel economy. These cars would be built by and for Mexicans, but they would have to import some parts, more US jobs if we use the same shared economy to make the parts cheaper than the Japanese.

Much detail of how this concept was thought out is omitted for brevity. We could use this shared economy to say build computers in Mexico-USA instead of having them built in China. But there must be rules agreed to by both countries. I believe that the remote control for my satellite TV system was made in Mexico. For every 2 jobs assembling remotes in Mexico, at least 1 job assembling remotes in the USA must be created. This is not a hard rule to follow for it will not increase the cost of a remote control by much.

The Cost of Incarceration:

If a person is NOT sentenced to a Life sentence or the Death penalty, he should not be held in an environment of high risk of death caused by fellow inmates.
If sentenced to say 5 years he should have the option of doing 3 years in a minimum security prison. This would cost less because the guards for the most part only need secure the perimeter that nobody escapes. Of course the prisoner must be judged to be non-violent.
Now in order to get 3 years instead of 5, we use gang mentality....gang banged in and gang banged out. However, instead of violence the convict would break rocks for 30 days to get into the 3 year program. Then when the 3 years were finished, he would be given the option of breaking rocks for 30 days and being discharged or finishing out the original 5 year sentence.
The convict would do soft time instead of hard time. However if he was found in possession of a shiv or weapon, he would be transferred to a maximum security prison. So there is an incentive to stay non-violent and the breaking of rocks assures that they remember the experience and do not wish to return to the prison.

The savings estimate is 25% on prison construction, 25% on guard personnel and 40% of confinement time.

Wage & Salary vs. Inflation

If there is a minimum wage, should not there also be a MAXIMUM wage or salary based on 2080 work hours per year? This is the only way to stop inflation. A cost of living increase to the minimum wage would not apply to the maximum wage. For the time being let's set the maximum at 50 or 75 times the minimum wage. After that it is taxed at 99%. We have created an income barrier or limit like the speed of light.

Of course there would be a 'first big gig' provision to income average when you get that first $20,000,000 movie part, win the Lottery, etc. But you can invest $20 million in municipal bonds for a secure $1 million per year tax free income. If the actor wishes to make more movies, he can work for maximum wage after he has his $20 million nest egg. He can share the “talent” God gave him with the world with the gain of fans and cinematographic immortality. I see no reason to pay him more.

What we are trying to do is put a lid on the jar so that a few birds can't fly out and grow so big and fat that there is not sky for those who seek the American Dream.


Now, we don't want so jerk to call this Communism. Let's make it clear we are talking about earned income. Income from stocks and bonds would not be counted as part of the maximum would be taxed or not taxed more or less as it is today. Why? Because investment and manipulation of money is Capitalism. The person who invests his nest egg to create a business has one greatest expense; labor. Hence he would be at an advantage not to have to pay his high level executives more than the maximum. In the case of a business owner taking profits as income, if he exceeded the maximum then he might as well reinvest profits to grow the business and create more jobs.

A Share from Facebook/Not my material/This is Educating Me

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  1. It doesn't matter if an American is a conservative, a liberal, left-wing, right-wing, or anywhere in between, nearly ALL of us agree that our government is dysfunctional.

    The question is “How do we fix it?”

    The answer is Term Limits. Now wait a second before you roll your eyes and move on to the next recipe on your timeline… LOL..

    Nearly everyone agrees that this would break the aristocracy of the US Congress, but most don’t believe that it is possible. What I hear commonly are people saying that there is NO WAY that Congress would vote for term limits and thereby hamstring themselves.

    Well, if you are one of those that feel this way, you are right about Congress not voting for Term Limits, but you are WRONG if you are not aware that

    This is what most do not realize and Congress would prefer that Americans not know.


    Our forefathers, having fought for the freedom from the governance of an aristocracy, were more than aware that the day might come when a similar aristocracy would arise.

    In planning for such an occasion, Article Five of the U.S. Constitution was written to include an option for amending the U.S. Constitution WITHOUT U.S. CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL.

    That’s right! We can amend the Constitution to impose Term Limits on members of the U.S. Congress WITHOUT their approval.

    Per Article 5, should Two Thirds of the States present an Amendment and the presented Amendment then be ratified by Three Quarters of the States, it shall become LAW.

    The first step to making this happen is to educate EVERY American on this option.

I am asking that EVERY American who would like to see Term Limits imposed on the US Congress and thereby break the back of the Federal Aristocracy, please join the page on FACEBOOK.


As you may be aware, I am trying to gain enough followers to run for President in 2016. However, I am technically trained and do not know politics. Below you mention the LEFT wing liberal media. I was under the impression that left meant conservative and conservative meant basically status quo. Notice the plane I was given for photos is #2 Left Wing. I am doing my name recognition phase on a zero budget. I don’t even own a suit or many clothes for I am supporting a future First Lady on a disability pension for one plus $604 SS. Once I get my car totally repaired I can begin to save for my woman’s airfare.
So, my cousin Abe Lincoln was a Republican, but that was in the times when our country was being built. Like Jefferson I am not a speaker, but a writer. I am for peace, but the only way to get it is to pound the Muslims into the ground. We must encourage the decent Muslims to report the jihad, Taliban terrorists if they want less collateral killing ( it’s them or us ). We must re-authorize CIA assassinations and use every dirty trick in to book. Suppose that $34 million white elephant building Obama built in Afghanistan was a Trojan Horse. Suppose embedded in the walls in key locations was nuclear waste. We can assume the Taliban will take over the building. Every time they come or go from the building they get a high dose of radiation. They become ineffective as fighters after 6 months and die in 3 years (estimates). As long as they don’t find out and think Allah is angry with them, they will draw more recruits to the building. Since the Brotherhood is killing Christians in Egypt, let the CIA kill Muslim clerics who preach jihad.
So, I need a political party to take me under wing and tutor and advise me in an unbiased way for I believe sometimes the Pelicans / Republicans and sometimes the Democrats are right. As for gay marriage, you can’t force a church to go against it’s beliefs, so let the gays obtain a contract of association and marry under a justice of the peace ( the State, not the church ). I will go into more detail at a later time .

2013 is running out.  Time is short.  I have had a few hundred reads or page views of this blog Worldwide.  Obviously I need at least a million.  I am therefore asking my readers to pass the word.  Hopefully I can get my words to influential  people who can multiply my one million into the 50 million voters I need to have a chance.  I NEED YOUR HELP.

Speaking of having a chance, I will be going for further heart evaluation soon.  I am praying that if anything, I will be given a stint or two.  That should give me the energy to speed up additions to this blog.  Heart checked out fine.  The catheter surgery was nothing but a learning experience.


  • Why do we have the Patriot Act now? Obama had the opportunity to repeal it...but didn't. Even without the Patriot Act he can still use drones to eliminate certain targets (tactful, huh?).
    The question is front and center, "Why Not repeal it?"
    It had its purpose in the kneejerk reaction of Bush and Congress to essentially (or literally) override our personal liberties in order to stop a serious threat that was immortally demonstrated.
    Honest to God, that same threat is not here today. I know about Kenya, Zimbabwe, Congo and so many others including the US that has undergone terrorist attacks of one degree or another. September 11, 2001 will be forever emblazoned on the heart walls of our minds.
    It's like a pendulum. Our liberties were set aside for the purpose of ferreting out these idiots (yes, I said idiots, and much more),
    OK, It's time to swing the pendulum the other way and be real, folks! Benjamin Franklin's quote is not just another historical saying brought up for points on a debate scale. He said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety".
    Ben was/is right...VERY RIGHT.
    Terrorism has always existed and will continue to exist but America's liberties are what set us apart from the madding crowd! Those liberties are what America is all about.
    I think Navy Seal Team on the Somali coast were terrific, as well as my favorite, "United States Special Operations Command, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force)" in the split second daylight capture of an al-Qeada operative in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli.
    Messages like that send far more information about the power and reach of the USA than anything else. Do you remember the hostages that were held in an "impregnable" operation in Somalia? The Navy Seal Team Six made an impressive landing, grabbed the hostages and returned to extraction...and we ALL were glued to the television when they went into Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden. No need to list dozens more. You get the picture.
    With that in's time to get back to basics...reinstate the US Constitution. Never in the most remote spaces in our founding fathers' minds crossed the possibility of permanently overriding the Constitution.
    Folks say, "But these are special times." Okay, So?
    The concept of jihad as a struggle for self-improvement is little known among non-believers so us infidels don't really understand the reasons why Dr. Aziz al-Abub, better known as "Doctor Death" was one of the first to delve into suicide bombers. Having studied behavior modification under the KGB doctors at Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University with legion stimuli, including specialized drugs, he sent out the 'zombied' men as suicide bombers October 23, 1983 to the U.S. Marine barracks and French headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 303 people.
    "Dr. Death" has done far more than I've quoted above and there is a global belief system in suicide bombers who are promised glorious things in paradise if they "die in Allah's cause."
    Before I close, it's interesting to note that in the Sharia (Islamic law) as well as the original Koran, suicide is one of the most horrible of sins. Today, wine and promiscuity are two of the most ardent "no-no's" for living Islamists today. However, if one straps on a bomb and goes into an elementary school, pulls the cord and kills 312 little children, he is promised "martyrdom." That he is promised 70-odd virgins (for what purpose?) and endless brooklets of wine seems to not be contradictory. It seems that if you're in Paradise you can do things that you are forbidden to do in this life.
    If you have an interest in that concept, read, Ralph W. Emerson's "Compensation," and contemplate...or even the entire Koran.
    Mohammad was a cool dude, revolutionary in anyone's terms. He wanted everyone to realize that there was only 1 God and that was Allah. (and, conveniently, Mohammad is His prophet). He wanted peace, love and all things one wishes in a wonderful life. The fact that he contradicted himself several times in the Koran itself isn't relevant. The fact that he set out the same laws and attitudes much the same as Jesus had done doesn't seem to jive with "Kill the Infidel" concept. He was as bloodthirsty and duplicitous as any other extremest...but hopefully we learn down through the ages that we call "history" and our experiences.
    Ever noticed that once someone is dead most of us "deify them" to one extreme or another. That's human nature as we want to think those beloved folks of ours had never harmed a flea or tasted a single drop of wine, let alone slept with the neighbor's wife or cheated someone out of a rupee.
    This has gone on WAY too long. If you're read this far please take my admonition: When going for a complete physical avoid doctors named Aziz al-Abub with a graduation certificate on their outer office wall from "Patrice Lumumba Universtiy, Moscow, USSR. I'm just saying...

  • Unquote

    This is Robert writing again.  The following photo is of my MacDill AFB Honor Guard friends.  I took this photo, but my duty consisted of one job of crowd control for the Thunderbirds and 60 or 90 funerals.  Then I went back to my communications job.

    We were told   that all the funerals were for men over 40 (old age to us) but it became apparent that such was not the case always.  Yes many funerals were in St. Petersburg, Florida, but not all were retirees.  I glanced into the chapel just as a black woman began to cry so loud.  It got to me and I had to step out.  Sorry, I just posted this because of the video I just posted on the Bulletins blog.
    Next I am going to talk about energy savings and working towards energy independence for the automobile and electric industry....


    Cars get their worst mileage in the city, especially in large urban-suburban cities and more especially during rush-hour.  One simple thing to do is to split the 9 to 5 jobs into 8:45 to 4:45 and 9:15 to 5:15.  Half of the staff would work the slightly earlier shift and the other half would work the slightly later shift.  This would put half of the cars on the road and then the other half on the road just as the first half is arriving at work.  The effects would vary but at least instead of bumper to bumper stop and go on the expressway, your could cruise at say 40 mph and travel 20 miles in 30 minutes.  It just spreads out the traffic in time.
    We need to design scaled down cars for urban environments.  Not the little squatty 4 seat death traps but 2 seat sporty cars with plenty of leg room.  This would be the second car in the household primarily for commuting to and from work.  It would have a top speed of say 100 mph instead of 120 mph thereby increasing mileage to perhaps 40 city.  A tax incentive of half the sales tax should be enough to popularize the cars.  For more power within urban speed limits some electric hybrid capacity can be added like a smaller version of the BMW i8 which also uses a diesel engine.  There we could have 2 more tax incentives for hybrid and diesel.  A diesel engine gets much higher mileage and bio-diesel fuel is greener than 10% ethanol gasoline.
    All in all, if we can save 40% in urban fuel consumption that's like saving 30% nationwide.  And that with save 18% of the world's fuel consumption...perhaps enough to drive OPEC prices down say 10%.

    The all electric TESLA car is too expensive to be widespread but Ford makes an affordable electric car.  But it won't be widespread either because it gets only 75 miles to a charge and requires a special charging station unlike the TESLA that gets 300 miles to a charge and plugs into any socket for a rather fast recharge.  Still, even if motels provided recharge outlets, the range must be increased to 500 miles for cross-country trips.  I do not know the cost in kilowatt-hours to recharge and electric car verses the cost to refuel a gasoline or diesel car, but I assume it to be much cheaper.


    Once a significant percentage of cars are all electric, we will need more generating capacity to keep them charged.  I propose to build more nuclear power plants wherever it is safe (not even near earthquake zones).  This would be a slow process as the demand increased, but I want to replace all petroleum burning power plants with nuclear, another blow to OPEC and the price of gasoline.

    This may sound unpopular to my neighbors, this being coal mining country, but I want to replace coal power plants too.   But not before providing new jobs for the miners.  When Roosevelt needed a work program to end the Great Depression, he built roads.  Eisenhower saw the need for the Interstate Highway System, but not how beat up it would become from overloaded trucks, weather and to be short, I would initiate a 30 year plan to rebuild the Interstates to the standards of the German Autobahn (with exceptions I will discuss later.  For now I would put the miners to work building these roads.  In the winter they would go back underground away from the freezing weather and pop back out on groundhog day).   Paying for this work would be thru a small tax on less expensive fuel and on much cheaper electricity.  

    This plan for the future; cars and power is too complex, too many variables and factors to cover in this blog.  Remember I said it would be more than a sound bite without becoming verbose.  One last point, for those who are afraid of the transport of nuclear waste thru your area, I say HOOEY!!!  The waste containers were tested to stand up to collision of a freight train so if you are still afraid I can do without your votes.

    Rebuilding the INTERSTATES

    This would be a 30 year project in order too...

    1. Be done within budget instead of adding to the National Debt.

    2. Last long enough to become a career for the miners unemployed due to alternate electrical power.  As I wrote above, the minors would work winter seasons as miners; a dual career.  That is because we need the coal exports to help balance trade.  As for steel production in the U.S., I have to look into how much coal is needed domestically.

    3. In order not to disrupt traffic flow over the entire Interstate system.  In fact I would raise the limit to 75 mph where practical and safe.

    Only the Right Lane (slow lane) would be replaced with thicker Autobahn rated pavement.  That is where the heavy trucks run except when passing.  It is the "right" lane for cars to be in if not passing.  The new pavement would make the slow lane as smooth as the left lane which would only be for passing.  Routine maintenance (slow speed single lane work zones) would cost more, but be needed much less often.


    The condition of our bridges is a National Emergency.  This would be a faster 10 year program to repair or replace them, even if we must draw funds from such as NASA and delay exploration of Mars, etc.
    Not all of the bridges are on the interstates and many are within urban city limits.  So bridges would be a totally separate issue.  Miners would not get the special training (iron workers)  to be involved.   Barrack Obama gave $195,000,000 to Muslims for a holiday.  If there is that much cash within budget it should be enough for an annual quota of bridge repairs.

    Air Force One

    I would have to spend a little money in order to save a lot.  It costs too much every time the big 747 Air Force One flies.  I propose to buy a smaller craft and rig it up with necessary communications.  But it would be smaller and slower; a turboprop able to get into smaller airports.  This would be used for all domestic travel.  At the destination I would take a plain unmarked rental car driven by a police officer or Special Agent.  That eliminates the need for the second big cargo plane for the armored limo and Secret Service vehicles.  There would be a travel austerity program.  The big 747 would only be used for overseas travel ( including Hawaii ).  I would not plan to be a hated President, yet even Ronald Reagan got shot.  So I would rely on covertness; not publicizing places I would visit to the general public.  Like "Surprise I'm here".
    I will try to get videos  of what it entails to move the President in Air Force One.  I also hope to find the video of the SUV that runs in the Presidential caravan ( alone with the trailer holding Obama's camel ).  This SUV has a roof that springs open exposing a machine gun turret that can wipe out a lot of people fast.  And some people worry about nuclear waste moving thru their town, ha!

We should not try to Christianize the moderate Muslims.  This will only be a push toward radicalizing them.  Instead we should simply ask them if they are SURE for the sake of their Souls that converting the World to Muslim by FORCE is what the "Holy One" wants.  If they are wrong, Hell instead of 72 virgins awaits then if they do a Terrorist act.  This gives them some uncertainty to cause them to hesitate.
I do not know the Koran, but I am guessing that it's teaching leaves followers with little immunity to Terrorist  teaching.  If a Muslim converts to a Terrorist, he in-turn converts another and it spreads like a virus.
You have seen from my previous quotation from a 13 year old girl that as human-beings Muslims are Faithful and good hearted to begin with.
All we can do is offer Christian teaching if they come of their own accord.  It should be nondenominational and simplified to the 10 Commandments, love thy neighbor as thy self, and explaining the Atonement for our sins by the Christ, Jesus.  It should be abridged to give a quick start because you don't know how long you will be free to teach or half convert these Muslims.
We must be aware that it is just as hard for a Muslim to convert to Christianity as it is for a Christian to convert to a Muslim...cognitive dissonance.

Muslimhood seems to be a Paternal society.  Those holding the signs demanding Sharia Law are all men (and boys), Terrorists are mostly men.  Therefore I would make it much easier for a Muslim female to immigrate or ask for asylum in the U.S. than for a male of any age as evidenced by the Boston Marathon bombers.  Those men who are found to want Sharia Law would be bought out of their U.S. home/car/business and sent packing; deported, especially the first generation.

Affordable Medical Care, AMC vs ACA (Obamacare)

It is true that we do need something better.  Medicaid is grossly inadequate.
The fact is that no government program can work as long as medical care is so expensive and overpriced.  I won't get into this too deeply for I saw Sarah Palin state that doctors have already presented plans which were Democrats I believe.  I will only add my theory for a new type of medical staffer I will tentatively call a clinician C. D.  Their training would take 6 years; the equivalent of a Master's Degree.  So, with less expensive training they could work for less.  If they found a case more than they could handle, then they would direct the patient to an M.D. or D.O. of the patient's choice.

When I was having anxiety attacks, I had to go to the psych emergency room.  It cost me $300 for one pill which I already knew to ask for.  That is because psychiatrists are paid almost $200 per hour.  Why must a mental specialist cut up a cadaver in their training?  That is an example of how a clinician's training could be made less expensive.

Now for malpractice insurance.  I had grounds for a suit against the now head of the psych. department at the V.A. hospital.  She issued me some pills and as I liked her and trusted her a lot, I started to take a pill.  But, being psychic I sensed danger.  So, I read the long paperwork that came with the medicine.  I said that the medication was NOT for my problem and COULD MAKE IT WORSE.

We need to pass laws limiting malpractice claims.  Yes, if the patient needs living assistance due to the malpractice, that should be paid for.  However, the patient should consider how much money he would need to pay for the home and support family in case of his death, before he visits a doctor.  Basically, the patient would pay a higher price for a medical visit in order to be covered for more in case of death.  This of course would be covered by life insurance, so it is not really needed.  However, in case the patient becomes unable to work or earn the same income due to malpractice, then he / she might want to pay a higher price for extra coverage.  The end result is that, of their own free will, lower income people would pay less for medical care and the doctor would pay less for his malpractice insurance.  

Rather than having a jury award a big punishment settlement, the doctor guilty of malpractice should be restricted for a few weeks or months to spend time re-educating himself / herself and resting because doctors put in a lot of hours and it could be fatigue that causes malpractice.  Therefore, if possible a doctor's hours should be managed, especially in the E.R.  In fact, I am writing this while I myself am fatigued.  Therefore it is only a rough idea of how to lower costs.


As I stated, my training is technical and I am just learning politics as I go.  I am now converted from the Democratic to the Republican or Tea Party.


Common Core…stealth jihad directed at America’s children

While we’re all focused on the Middle East right now, especially on Syria, a form of stealth jihad is sneaking into our country…a form of which affects all states…all schools…and all ourchildren…and it’s name is Common Core.
Forced on the states by the Obama administration…enabled by Obama’s federal stimulus law…Common Core will be implemented this school year in the 46 states that have adopted it, thus eliminating local control over the kindergarten through12th grade curriculum in those states.  The adoption of Common Core means that teaching becomes a one-size-fits-all affair that will NOT address the needs of the ‘special needs child’…neither the gifted child nor the slow learner…because NO deviation from the standard norm in teaching is allowed.
And there will be NO escaping Common Core as its curriculum and teaching methods will also apply to private schools and the home schooled. In fact, many Catholic and otherprivate schools are adopting Common Core in preparation for college-entrance exams…exams that will be based on Common Core criteria.
Simply put…the truth about Common Core is that it will revamp America’s public educational system and NOT for the better as Common Core also allows for a rewriting of American history, with the new curriculum and accompanying textbooks showing a definite slant and bias towards islam, while at the same time mocking or ignoring America’s Judeo-Christian roots and values.
And with one of its most in-your-face leftist agenda aspects, the Common Core curriculum has, for example, replaced the world’s great literary works with what’s called ‘informational texts’…another name for government propaganda. Shakespeare, Hemingway, and the other literary giants will be replaced by ‘informational texts’ extolling the virtues of same-sex marriage, abortion, drug use, and the all-important acceptance of all things islam.  Students in the lower grades will now divide their time between literature and these leftist writings until high school, when literary works will make up a mere 30% of English/Language Arts instruction.
And the teaching of math under Common Core guidelines means getting the right answer just does NOT matter anymore as long as the student can explain the faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer.  2 + 2 = 5 is OK…just explain how you got that answer.  And Common Core puts many students mathematically two years behind those of many high-achieving countries. For example, Algebra 1 would be taught in 9th grade NOT 8th grade as previously taught, making calculus inaccessible to them in high school, and this would affect top-tier college entrance requirements.
Also, contrary to the traditional American belief that justice is based on individual rights, Common Core teaches ‘Social Justice’ meaning teachers must teach that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed.
And the most unbelievable of all is that Common Core is using our public schools, Catholic schools, and private schools to indoctrinate our children into islam.  ’The Five Pillars of Islam’ are an integral part of Common Core teaching beginning in pre-k and lasting through the12th grade.  For example, students have muslim beliefs lessons where they must watch videos, research pre-selected web sites, complete worksheets, and create posters about the duties of muslims.
I wonder if that includes a muslim’s duty to wage jihad…as written in the qur’an.
And even with all this, Common Core still self-promotes itself as a fair and just universal set of educational standards that will unite all students under a common learning system…under common leftist political beliefs…with a curriculum in place that proponents say is designed so that every student graduating from high school is prepared to either entercollege or the workforce.  But what proponents do NOT tell you is that Common Core actually lowers school standards negating the very thing they promote themselves as doing.
And Common Core is far from the educational panacea that most dissatisfied with our public system of education hoped for as Common Core remains…NO matter how it’s packaged and sold…a one size fits all form of education that ignores the fact that each child is unique…each child’s learning skills or lack thereof is unique…and each state’s educational guidelines are unique.
In fact, Common Core is actually ‘dumbed-down’ education with less teacher responsibility than ever before as there is NO incentive to reach for higher standards, as all states will be judged by the same mediocre national benchmark enforced by the federal government…the Obama federal government.
So while Common Core proponents are in total support of the already ‘too much in control’ federal government setting even more educational standards than they already do, they fail to accept the fact that the federal government should NOT be involved in publiceducation at all nor should they be setting any educational standards as public schools should be under state, county, and local auspices with standards set within each schooldistrict to meet the needs of the students going to school in said district.
And when you add in the specific negatives in how Common Core was implemented ‘red flags’ should be waving in the faces of every parent with school age children…’red flags’ waving because Common Core was pushed through state legislatures by unelected bureaucrats who created the Common Core ‘standards’ using monies garnered from special interests groups…meaning there was NO legislative vote by elected officials reflecting the will of the people or the will of the parents.
And in addition to all the educational negatives, schools that have implemented Common Core have government permission to collect private data on each student including religion, medical, and psychological info, and to do so WITHOUT parental consent.  WITHOUT parental consent… meaning once again the federal government is butting into our personal lives and doing so without a warrant or just cause…doing so simply because they can.
Also, Common Core does NOTHING to address how teachers actually teach for even with Common Core standards in place teachers will still be teaching to the test…maybe NOT the same tests that are now in effect…but standardized tests nevertheless…with the end result being that parents and teachers will have even less control over their child’s education than they do now.
So with a curriculum so deviated from the much needed basics…reading, writing, and arithmetic… with a curriculum that reeks of the leftist liberal political agenda…and with a curriculum that smells of Agenda 21 indoctrination….Common Core should be rejected by all school districts for the sake of our children…for Common Core is rotten to its very core.
Diane Sori is the Editor of The Patriot Factor and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

At this point, I believe that THE END of this blog is here.   Not to worry much about this Common Core crap, if you get a good President to replace Obama in 2016.  It will be only one or two years of bad schooling.  It will however cost a bundle to print the books and convert to Common Core and then back again.

Meanwhile Obama will be happily retired with an income over $400,000 per year for life...if he is not isn't that "Peachy"?