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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PLATFORM 2...More Issues

As of right now, Dec. 4, 7:47 PM U.S. Central Time, the ALL TIME total is or was 1,125.

PLATFORM 2 will continue with more issues.  How about leaving me a few comments to give me issues to discuss?  I am loosing faith that I can gain significant or adequate numbers to warrant registering to run.  I have no PAC and not even a secretary.  I am fortunate to have 2 people as intel sources.

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What if there were multiple CREATIONS in stages to today's bio-world?  Evolution by Divine Control.

Tyrannosaurus rex’s Right to Bare Arms

  • Why did T-rex have such relatively small, and seemingly useless arms?  They were about the length of a man’s arms, though much more muscular.
  • Here is my theory:  It was NOT due to Evolution from a dinosaur with longer arms or even front legs (more missing links).  Rather it was due to a disproportional growth rate between front and rear limbs. 
  • As a hatchling, [1] it could use 4 legs to clamber over obstacles and terrain and thru undergrowth and [2] the parents would have probably brought pieces (bites) of meat to the nest.  Raw flesh is tough and front legs would have helped to brace the hunk of meat in order to tear off a baby size bite (ah cute, huh?).
  • When grown to the size of a Raptor, it seems like T-rex would have been helpless against an aggressive Raptor, at a kill for instance.
  • Judging from the size of adult arms, the arms would have stopped growing all together once T-rex grew a little larger than a Raptor.
  • After cessation of growth, the arms would still aid in taking down prey ( or stripping a carcass if he lived of the kills of other predators)
  • As T-rex grew to significant bulk, the arms became less and less significant.  The adult could rip off raw flesh with a shift of body weight.
  • So, pictures of adult and baby both with diminished arms are wrong, heart warming but wrong.
  • An observation by Robert Dean Burlison II


Reducing Black Inner City Poverty while Reducing Dependence on Welfare, Drug Pushing and Crime.

The first thing we must do is get the money needed to correct the poverty situation from a source other than the taxpayers.
Remember the old west tales of Outlaws promised pardons if they go straight.  Well there are big time drug dealers who don't even count their money ( I believe a million in twenty dollar bills weighs 34 pounds ).  But they loose a big % to get the money laundered.  I propose to pardon these felons if they are satisfied with the millions they already have and are willing to quit the drug business.  Further, they would be allowed to INVEST UNLAUNDERED   money provided they invest in designated black poverty areas.  They would be given a clean bill of health so the IRS could not charge them with tax evasion.

Of course if one drug lord goes out, there is another waiting to take his place, but there is only a finite amount of finance money needed to clean up and rebuild the poverty neighborhoods AND build factories for jobs.  So, there would be a time limit set not by a deadline but by a predetermined amount of cash.  Otherwise the neighborhood would live on drug money ( worse than now) instead of the taxpayers.

The idea is to have the former drug lords "police" their own neighborhoods because now they are the capitalists and have investments in the neighborhood which need to draw business that won't come to the typical "Hood's" "Hood" full of drive by shooters, drug sales, prostitutes, and carjackers.  If some new drug pushers try to move in on the ex-drug lord's turf, well I would turn a blind eye if that pusher "disappeared".

The Right to Work:  We need to pass a law that for those without a high school diploma or GED, they may at their own free will apply for work at 3/4 or 2/3 of the current minimum wage.  This would be offset by the lower cost of housing in their neighborhood.  The housing would be refurbished but remain low priced because part of the deal with the drug lord(s) is to work on a 10% profit margin.  Let's say he spends $1,000,000 to build 20 rental units at $50,000 each.  The rent required to make his 10% would be $417 a month or maybe $500 to include management, maintenance and winter heat.  This would be the best rental housing.  Refurbished older buildings would be cheaper.

We need to pass a law that if a person or family is legally getting Welfare, then they can work and for every dollar earned only 50 cents is deducted from their Welfare.  Don't worry, they won't get rich but will have more and learn the work ethic.  If they build up a career to earning two times their previous Welfare, then they would be off Welfare and the taxpayer would save.    Even if only working as day care for another woman to go to work, there is still a little cash incentive and a little taxpayer savings.

So what will we do for work?  When I worked in the food industry  (Pepperidge Farm) I used none of what I learned in high school.  For me it was easy to learn to do different jobs plant-wide.  If a man is smart he can learn and get a pay increase over the 3/4 minimum wage.

So the manufacture of canned and frozen foods would be the primary industry and the market would be elderly fixed income and poor white people.  If you can make the customer feel safe in the hood and deliver a product for 25% less or a frozen entree with a bigger serving for the same price, you'll get customers.

There is more to this vision, but other issues wait at the gate.


It is my belief that someone who works a lot of overtime, or two jobs should keep wages earned over 40 hours tax free.  People who work so hard either need the money desperately or are trying to get ahead in the only way they can, as a wage earner working for somebody else.

The hardest hit by overtime are those working two jobs.  They are unlikely to exceed 40 hours on either job, yet they may work 80 hour weeks with no time-and-a-half or double-time.   So, I would select their highest wage between the two jobs and make it tax free after 40 hours.

Ha, Obamacare and Overtime.  Mr. B.O. says that forcing businesses to buy medical insurance is a good thing because employees will go from full time to part time.  They will have more free time, Ha!   If the workers go from 40 to 30 hour weeks, that means they must make up lost income with a second part time job.   This second job if 20 hours yields 20 + 30 = 50 hours with no overtime pay.

Mandatory Overtime

When I worked on mandatory overtime it was 58 hour weeks.  And the money the company paid could have hires and equipped another employee.  But how intense was the work?    One day I was about to take my first step down from the wing level platform of a F-16 when my vision went suddenly jet black.  Vision came back 30 or 60 seconds later and I went back to work as if nothing had happened.  The job was like cramming for college exams month after month with no end in sight.  I was asked where to find good employees and I told them, but they only hired 3 or 4, none of my suggested.

I estimate that for 75% more payroll the company got maybe 30% more production due to fatigue and errors.  If overtime is to be long term, hire more people.  That is my policy towards the military contract industry, by department of course as needed and where possible.


One of my new friends on About dot Me produced a documentary on SAFE, INEXPENSIVE Thorium nuclear reactors.  The video was only 1 or 2 minutes and I had to absorb a lot of data fast.  However, if it works as promised, we can have safe nuclear power and not have to worry about earthquakes even in California.  See my section on NUCLEAR POWER in part 1 of PLATFORM, the beginning of an unfinished book.

Electrical energy is to be so cheap that we can use it to extract carbon from the atmosphere and hydrogen from water to make Diesel fuel.  Electric cars could be recharged cheaply.  The all electric home would return but not as a fad this time.  Homes heated with gas (or wood) could have electrical assistance installed cheaply.  We could save gas for generations to come for what it does best, cook and melt glass to make things to add to the GDP.

At the above link to About dot Me, scroll down to the link "My Collections"> Top Level and see the video for Joseph Mosley.


It has become clear to me that I do not stand a chance against people like Ben Carson, Allen B. West or Wild Bill.

To be a politician one must look and feel healthy and well fed.  Also they must have a full head of hair.

At best, though the stats were ambiguous, I would have drawn a mere 50,000 votes.  Working to boost that number, even enough to interest the news media, has left me no time to learn what must be learned.  There has been no time to even find out how, where and when to register for the 2016 Presidential race.

Therefore, unless something Miraculous occurs in the short time left, I am out of the running.

Thank you to all who supported and encouraged me at @noseall and those interested about me.

Robert Dean Burlison II

Okay, it's not the END yet.  The following words are from a different man named Bob.  To lead one must be able to delegate some of his thinking to experts.  Credit for this insight into global temperature changes goes to Anonymous Bob until I learn his name.

Let the debate begin- 

1) Yes the climate on earth does change and is changing. 
2) Man has no impact of global cooling or warming, only on the amount of pollution emitted or created. 
3) Manmade carbon emissions do not stay in the atmosphere and warm the temperature by reflecting sunlight back to earth, but instead block sunlight, and eventually fall to earth by gravity, snow and rain. 
4) Methane, and the other natural lighter gases such as hydrogen, helium, neon, nitrogen, oxygen, radon, and ammonia are important gases that help create the stratosphere and outer most region of the troposphere because of their molecular makeup, and cannot reflect sunlight back to earth, as heat constantly escapes into outer space, and nothing can stop it, especially transparent gases. 
5) Under 10,000 ft where temperatures are 32 degrees F and above, the heavier gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and carbon monoxide absorb heat created from the surface of the earth that becomes heated from the seven distinct spectrum’s of light; and the lighter gases absorb absolute zero temperatures’ above 30,000 ft getting colder as the height increases. 
6) The stratosphere constantly expanses and collapses on its own according to the amount of gases emitted, either from decay or by burning. 
7) The earth and sun’s dynamic fluctuating distances from one another causes the extreme weather patterns that influences the jet stream in conjunction of the heat near the equator and coldness at the Poles. 
8) The earth has a slight elliptical orbit around the sun that electro magnetic properties influences from the extreme temperatures of space also form the moon in conjunction with the planets’ of Mars and Venus as they move closest to the earth during their orbits, and from the sun’s unpredictable nuclear fission eruptions and the 11-year sunspot activity. 
9) Active volcano eruptions under the sea at the fault lines near the poles do warm the sea temperature causing ice glazers to melt periodically. 
10) If and when the overall temperature increases, this will cause more water evaporation and therefore more rain in some parts of the world, and even replace the ice and snow at the poles that melted decades before. 
11) There are no instruments that can accurately measure the distance of the earth and sun during its orbit, if there were, we would find that the distance varies by a few miles to a 100 miles. During the ice age over 10,000 years ago, the earth was probably 250-500 miles further from the sun than normal. But the earth always finds its equilibrium distance because of its electromagnetic element makeup, which consists of huge amounts of iron. This is what keeps it from expanding out into outer space as it orbits the sun. 
12) This is what causes climate change, and man can’t do thing about it. The only thing man can do is control its pollution and its economy, and learn to adapt.